In the heart of the Danube Delta, where the waters meet the land in an eternal dance, hides a corner of the world that preserves the charm and authenticity of rural traditions: the village of Sfântu Gheorghe, a jewel embedded in the meanders of the Delta, an oasis of authenticity in an ever-changing world.

In Sfântu Gheorghe, time seems to have stood still. Old houses with reed roofs and pastel painted walls are home to a community closely connected to the land and the waters that surround it. Here, traditions are handed down from generation to generation, and inherited customs echo in every aspect of daily life.

Rural landscape with overturned boat

But the charm of the village is not limited to its rich traditions. Here you’ll find a natural paradise, where flora and fauna blend into a picture of breathtaking beauty. The Danube Delta is a treasure trove of biodiversity, and here, in Sfântu Gheorghe Delta, this natural wealth is revealed in all its splendour and invites you to contemplate and reverie.

In the following lines, we offer you a comprehensive picture of this village at the mouth of the Danube, urging you to set off and discover for yourself the richness of the place and the soul of the people who live there.

Barge transports passengers to the Delta

If you are one of the adventurous and eager to explore the natural beauty of the Delta, the trip to the traditional village of Sfântu Gheorghe Delta will offer you a memorable and exciting experience. Situated on one of the arms of the Danube, this picturesque village can only be reached by water, giving you the opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery all along the way.

Depending on your schedule and preferences, you can travel to the village of Sfântu Gheorghe in Murighiol or Mahmudia, where you can arrive either by car or by train and minibus. From here, you can take a speedboat from the pier, which will make the journey to Sfântu Gheorghe in about 50 minutes. Reservations are strongly recommended, as places are limited.

If you have decided to visit Tulcea before arriving at Sfântu Gheorghe Delta, you can travel by the fast buses, which leave every day at fixed times to Delta from the Danube cliff, taking about an hour and a half. A less expensive but slower option are the Navrom Delta passenger ships, which arrive in Sfântu Gheorghe in just over four hours. If you’re a first-timer to the Delta, the longer journey time can even be an advantage, as you get the chance to explore much of this unique area at leisure.

There is also the possibility to reach Sfântu Gheorghe from other points of the Delta (Sulina, Caraorman), but you will have to sign up for a trip whose route passes through this village, as there are no direct flights from these areas to Sfântu Gheorghe.

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What you can visit in the area of Sfântu Gheorghe village in the Delta

Once here, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to discover places of unparalleled beauty that deserve to be explored and appreciated at their true value.

Whatever your preferences, the village of Sfântu Gheorghe Delta and its surroundings have something to offer every traveller.

Sfântu Gheorghe Beach

Sfântu Gheorghe Beach

Situated just one and a half kilometres from the village, Sfântu Gheorghe beach is the only place from where you can watch the Danube entering the Black Sea from the shore. The view is overwhelmingly beautiful, with the blue waters of the sea meeting the silver-green waters of the river, an ideal place to contemplate the power and beauty of nature.

Sacalin-Zătoane Reserve

Sacalin Island is probably the newest land area formed in the Black Sea and is located in the vicinity of the Sfântu Gheorghe arm of the Danube Delta.

It is populated by over 200 species of mammals, birds and reptiles and is considered a protected nature reserve. Although access to the island is forbidden, you can admire the rich fauna from the boat.

The Sacalin-Zătoane complex is also off-limits to tourists, but bird lovers can admire the countless birds such as the barn owls, pelicans, lizards and swans from a distance.

👉 For the explorer in you, curious and eager to discover new places, we have lovingly prepared a series of trips to the Delta that will give you a fascinating experience.

Whether it’s Sacalin Island, Gârla Turcească, Gura Portiței, Sulina or the northern lakes, you will have the opportunity to see what true relaxation is all about.

Aerial perspective Sfântu Gheorghe

Lighthouse Sfântu Gheorghe

The story of the lighthouse in Sfântu Gheorghe Delta is rooted in the troubled history of the Delta. In the past, another lighthouse, a Turkish lighthouse, was built on an island in the middle of the mouth of the Sfântu Gheorghe arm. The area still retains the name “Turkish Gorge” or “Turetchi”, recalling times long past.

On the island, a hamlet of Tartars looked after the lighthouse and the safety of navigation. These inhabitants of the Delta were responsible not only for keeping the lighthouse operational, but also for protecting it from Cossack attacks, which were often carried out in these waters. In addition to navigation, it is said that a thriving wine trade was also conducted here, bringing life and activity to an isolated corner of the Delta.

Erected for the purpose of warning ships, the current lighthouse was erected in 1967 and is 57 metres high. It’s an impressive construction, made of iron and glass, with two white beacons that light up every 7.2 seconds.

Caraorman Forest

Shady area under a tree

Covering 3000 hectares, this corner of nature, south of the Sulina arm, is a treasure trove of biodiversity and a sanctuary of tranquillity and natural beauty.

At its heart lies the ‘Hunter’s Well’, a legendary site where a venerable oak tree known as the ‘Kneeling Oak’, which is over 400 years old, is found.

The vegetation of the Caraorman forest is rich and specific to the Danube Delta, hosting a variety of plant and tree species adapted to the unique conditions of this region. Above, you can see the majestic flight of the Griffon Vulture, one of the most impressive species of birds of prey that finds a home in the Caraorman Forest.

In 1940, the Caraorman forest was declared a natural monument, recognising its importance in preserving the biodiversity and unique natural landscapes of the Danube Delta.

👉 We hope we’ve whetted your appetite for a visit to the Caraorman Forest. More information about this magical place, but also about the Delta in general, can be found in the article Danube Delta: general information and curiosities.

Letea Forest

Wild horses on the edge of Letea Forest

One of the biggest attractions of this forest is the impressive presence of wild horses.

Many tourists choose to visit this enchanted forest precisely for the chance to meet these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

The story goes that the locals abandoned the horses during the communist period and they adapted and thrived in the wild, giving rise to a unique reserve with almost 2000 horses.

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What activities you can do in Sfântu Gheorghe in the Delta

In the Danube Delta, you can fulfil your desire to live in harmony with nature and explore diverse and fascinating places. Whether you are a keen fisherman, an explorer or a simple traveller in search of relaxation and beauty, there are a variety of exciting activities available.

Fisherman with catfish in hand

Fishing parties

If you’re a keen angler, you probably won’t find a better opportunity to make impressive catches than in the Delta. You can cast from the boat or, just as well, from the shore – the fish won’t wait.

It is wise and effective to first contact local fishermen, who can give you valuable advice on good fishing spots.

Bird watching

Pelican în zbor deasupra apei

Even if you’re not an avid birdwatcher, a boat ride with a local can give you the opportunity to admire many of the more than 365 bird species, some rarer than others.

Anonymous International Independent Film Festival

Open-air cinema at the Anonimul festival

Novelty and innovation have always been defining features of this event, and in recent years the festival has impressed with a fully equipped open-air cinema, in line with modern cinema standards. Set in a picturesque landscape, this cinema brings the magic of film to a natural setting, offering an unforgettable experience for all participants.

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Culinary preparations specific to the Sfântu Gheorghe area in the Danube Delta

Green Village in the Delta

The authenticity and flavour of the cuisine of this area of the Delta is well known to gourmets from home and abroad.

Situated at the confluence of the fresh waters of the river and the salt sea, the village of Sfântu Gheorghe also offers a variety of delicious dishes, reflecting the ethnic diversity of the area.


Squeezed in a pot

For the locals, the sturgeon is an integral part of their culinary identity.

Freshly caught fish from the waters of the Danube Delta is the main ingredient of this soup, bringing an explosion of marine flavours and freshness in every spoonful.

Originally, sturgeon was only prepared from sturgeon. As fishing for these fish is no longer allowed, local chefs use mainly freshly caught catfish.


Malasolca - dried fish with potatoes

A food with a lipovenic name and a divine taste, malasolca is a favourite of the locals on cold winter days. It’s made from salted and dried fish, served with potatoes and, according to local tradition, a little sarmuzac – a garlic sauce rubbed with salt and oil, like mayonnaise.


Mashed potatoes with fish

In Greek, the word skordalia means a fine mashed potato, abundantly flavoured with garlic. More inventive and accustomed to cooking what the waters offer, the inhabitants of the Delta have added dried, salted and lightly smoked fish to it, resulting in a dish with an exquisite taste, much appreciated by locals and genuine gourmets.

Sfântu Gheorghe remains a place to be explored, loved and appreciated, a hidden treasure of nature waiting to be discovered and admired by all those who wish to connect with the beauty of the natural world. Once you step into this enchanting village, you will feel that time stands still and that you are in a world of your own, where peace, tranquility and beauty reign in all their glory.

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