One of the natural treasures of Dobrogea is found in Turcoaia, situated at the foot of the Măcin Mountains; it is the Iacobdeal Lake, an attraction like no other in Romania.

  • Origin of Lake Iacobdeal
  • How to get to Iacobdeal Lake in Turcoaia
  • Why visit Lake Iacobdeal

Origin of Lake Iacobdeal

The lake in Măcin, which the locals called “La fântână” or Lake Turcoaia, is an artificial lake, which was formed in a basin resulting from the extraction of stone. There was once a granite quarry on Iacobdeal hill in Măcin.

The exploitation of the quarry in Turcoaia led to the formation of a unique lake in Romania. Thus, it has become a unique tourist attraction for those who venture into exploring the Măcin Mountains.

It seems that a very hard granite was extracted from the site now covered by water, and to achieve this, galleries were excavated inside the rocky massif. The lake was therefore formed by excavation to reach the water table. It is situated at an altitude of 110 m.

It seems that the machinery used to extract the granite remained in the cavity and could not be removed due to the rapidly rising water level.

The image of the lake formed later resembles that of a glacial lake, due to the granite rock that delimits the water. The springs and precipitation are the sources of the water that feed Lake Iacobdeal, and the depth of the lake is about 50 m.

Flora and fauna

Although various species of birds and plants can be observed in the area, the aquatic fauna of Lake Iacobdeal is reduced due to the radioactivity of the granite rock. It is made up of quartz and feldspar, but also contains radon.

Thus, the atypical process of later formation means that, despite being close to the Danube Delta, some plant and animal species are not found here.

In fact, in the Macin Mountains, the oldest mountain range in our country, we can find natural steppe vegetation. In fact, it is the only place in the Balkans where this type of vegetation is found.

How to get to Iacobdeal Lake in Turcoaia

To reach the lake, follow the DN22D Măcin-Cerna road, in the direction of Turcoaia commune, on DJ222H, for a distance of 2.5 km to the intersection, then turn left and continue for about 3 km. The road is relatively easy, although there are no signposts to guide you, from the DN22D.

The national road is in very good condition, and once you turn left, you continue on a paved road. However, the route is accessible.

To get right to the lakeshore, you’ll have to walk about 200m, as cars are not allowed in the area. As a landmark, you will notice the remains of the former granite quarry on the way to the lake.

Lake Iacobdeal, formed by granite excavations

Lake Iacobdeal, formed by granite excavations

Why visit Lake Iacobdeal

The stunning landscape created by the lake, which covers almost a hectare, simply leaves you speechless. On clear days, the emerald hue is predominant and the image of a glacial lake comes to mind.

This splendid place has become a unique tourist attraction for many travellers eager for relaxing experiences in nature. Disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the city really makes sense in this place, where all the activities you can try are related to nature.

If you dare, you can hike along the steep shores of the lake or opt to relax on a boat ride using rowing boats. You can also opt for a unique experience or explore the cave that leads to the water.

grota spre lacul macin

Tunnel with a view of the lake

Authenticity of place

Once you reach the lakeshore, you’ll notice that it’s made of rock and has a bowl-like appearance due to the steep granite walls. This rigid landscape contrasts with the emerald-green of the water.

Besides the beauty of the place, Lake Iacobdeal is special because of the way it was formed. No flowing water flows into it and it seems that the water has collected as a result of heavy rainfall. Following rain and snow, the water would have seeped into the ground and formed an impermeable layer of clay. The water level thus remains constant and there are no drains; the result is a natural wonderland that has given rise to an ecosystem that includes plant and animal species.

Relaxation facilities

If you’re planning to include Lake Iacobdeal on your holiday bucket list, then it’s good to know you’ll find plenty of facilities nearby. Alongside the lake there are barbecue pits, camping areas, picnic areas, a beach, and terraces to explore and enjoy a dream location.

The whole area of Dobrogea offers a wide range of relaxing tourism. Discover the beauties of the Delta and complete this unique experience with accommodation that invites you to become a local for a few days.

With your first visit to Lake Iacobdeal in Tulcea, you will be convinced, if you still had any doubts, why it is worth to responsibly appreciate the landscape that this splendid location offers. With its vast expanse of greenery, diverse fauna and emerald hues of the water, Iacobdeal Lake offers a truly captivating and unforgettable experience for nature lovers.

Iacobdeal Lake in Turcoaia, also called "Emerald Lake"

The conservation of this natural jewel is of paramount importance in order to keep the biodiversity and beauty of the place intact.

And while you’re in Dobrogea, it’s worth reserving a few days to see what the Danube Delta has to offer.

The Danube Delta is an experience destination. Everything you experience here might be very different from your daily rhythm. Choose to feel the spirit of the Delta for a few days, which can be found in everything from authentic accommodation and gastronomy to boat trips.

Lake Iacobdeal is privately managed and people who want to enjoy its fascinating landscape will pay a fee of 5 lei.

What else you can do nearby

Dobrogea boasts many unique destinations and, perhaps most surprisingly about this area of the country, it is home to the hub of summer fun and the essence of the nomadic spirit of relaxing in nature.

So, on your trip through Dobrogea, don’t miss the following sights:

Danube Delta: Included in the UNESCO heritage, the Danube Delta is one of the most important tourist attractions in Romania. The landscape, the local gastronomy, the unique accommodations, the vegetation and the specific fauna make this place a small paradise worth visiting at least once in your life.

By water or by land, the Danube Delta is a great holiday destination. And if you choose the right accommodation, you will have the opportunity to discover nature in all its splendour.

Histria Fortress: is known as the first urban settlement on the territory of our country and is included in the European Heritage.

The wall surrounding the Greek settlement was really impressive: only on the western side of the fortress wall there were 10 towers and two gates. The citadel was supplied with water, using pipes over 20 kilometres long, and the streets were paved with stone.

The city of Constanta: a lively, multicultural city on the Black Sea coast. It is a port city and an important economic point for our country.

The casino, dolphinarium, Mamaia resort, Lake Siutghiol are some of the places you can visit in Constanta.

So, from exploring the lakeside nature to observing the creatures that inhabit the area, your time here will delight your spirit. This makes Lake Iacobdeal the perfect destination for those seeking a deep connection with nature and a truly authentic experience.

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